Tuning bells in the USA pt 2

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Having driven down to Indianapolis and slept a bit, it was time to get to the business of tuning bells. Ben had previously been given a 16″ B crook bell profile by Peter Hayward at John Taylor & Co. and cast a bell from it. The bell was set on a horizontal lathe and we set about tuning the bell with the engineering expertise of Andy Prather. The “as cast” frequencies indicated that it was possible to get the bell in tune with itself somewhere between D and E flat so we set D at standard pitch as the target. Although this was familiar territory for me, it was new for the others so progress was slow but steady with chattering being the main irritation. By the end of the day, we had the bell within a few cents of the target pitch, but it was quite warm due to the constant machining, so we left it to cool overnight.


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