Consultancy Services for Restoration Renewal Replacement of Organs, Bells & Clocks

Plus Piano Tuning, Maintenance & Repair


Exaudite provides project management and consultancy services to ecclesiastical organisations to aid the decision making processes primarily in respect of the major church installations of clocks, organs and bells.


The aim is to identify the scope of any project and to set out a specification for it after assessing the present installation and discussing the possible options. Where appropriate we will project manage the scheme on behalf of the church.


Appropriate contractors can then be invited to tender to that specification, giving them a ‘level playing field’ environment in which to work so that the clients can get the best value for money from what is inevitably a long term and major investment.

We offer qualified piano tuning & maintenance

Although some churches are fortunate enough to have among their numbers people who have a good knowledge of whichever aspect of work is being considered, the majority do not. Usually more than one contractor will be invited to tender as a condition of the grant giving bodies and it is inevitable that each contractor will have their own opinion as to what is required, giving rise to difficulties in the decision making process where these differences manifest themselves. Sometimes it is differences in terminology that can cause confusion, sometimes it is the contractors preferred method of working that give rise to differences. Exaudite can explain and clarify any areas of confusion and thereby enable the church authorities to reach an informed decision on the work they want to have undertaken. Advice can also be given on the necessary planning permission (or faculty in the Anglican Church) and which funding bodies are available.

We are based in the East Midlands so can visit anywhere in the UK.

  • Dear Mr Higson

    St Mary's Church, Carlton le Moorland

    Thank you for your very helpful detailed technical report on the existing three bells, and for the specification and estimate of the necessary work on them. Your comprehensive description of all that would be entailed in a possible augmentation will provide the Vicar and members of the church council with the information they need in deciding how best to proceed.

    I shall pass the documentation to them and look forward to their making a decision in the near future.

    Yours sincerely,

    Stan Underwood

  • Dear Andrew

    On behalf of the Hunsdon PCC I write to thank you for coming to Hunsdon Church to inspect our bells. We are grateful for your report and estimates to refurbish the bells' fittings. Inevitably it will be some time before decisions about proceeding are made.

    Meanwhile I will certainly recommend John Taylor & Co for courteous and efficient belfry inspections.

    Yours sincerely,

    John Rank