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How the process works:

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  • Exaudite invited to make an assessment.
  • A report is prepared and a presentation made to formulate a specification.
  • Contractors are selected and invited to tender.
  • Tenders are discussed and a decision is made.
  • Fundraising and faculty process.
  • Exaudite places an order with the chosen contractor.
  • Work undertaken by contractor and signed off by Exaudite.[/list_bullet]
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Within the Church of England, each diocese has its own advisor who will want to know and understand what work is being proposed so that, when the faculty is applied for, there will not be any objections at diocesan advisory committee level. There are other bodies that have an opinion which needs to be considered such as the church’s architect, English Heritage, CBC and any grant giving bodies. Other denominations and civic or private individuals will have a different system of operation. Exaudite will consult with these bodies to reach an acceptable consensus.

A commission charge is made to the client related to the value of the work.